Digital Maker Collective at Mozilla Festival (MozFest 16) Oct 28-30

The Digital Maker Collective of the University of the Arts London are really pleased to be taking part in MozFest 2916. The world's leading festival for the open internet movement.

Join us at the Mozilla Festival in the the Digital Arts and Culture Space for workshops, demos, and discussions that unpack the relationship between art, technology, and the Web. The Digital Maker Collective will be joining influential thinkers from around the world to build, debate, and explore the future of a healthy internet:

Mozilla Festival (MozFest) October 28-30, 2016 • Ravensbourne College, London

Mozilla have invited the Digital Maker Collective to be one of our 3 designated tables at the Science Fair on the Friday evening, the Collective will also be running a sessions on Saturday afternoon, part of the Digital Arts & Culture space.

Come along and meet with members of the Digital Maker Collective, an interdisciplinary interest led, gathering of arts staff, students and alumni from the University of the Arts London. The Collective explore and critique digital making and emergent digital practice through collaboration and the sharing economy.  At MozFest members of the Collective will share art school perspectives of digital practice as well as exploring related connections across digital projects, concepts & technologies. Expect environment-mapping, interactive virtual worlds, creative uses of glitches, utopian art schools, photogrammetry, bio feedback devices, web & artistic agency and art school play with virtual reality HTC vive/Tiltbrush.

Part meet-up & part mini Jam, members of the collective will bring along live projects they are working on and demo & discuss these with participants.

The Digital maker Collective also aim to build contacts and attract potential collaborators for future work such as the Tate Exchange events in 2017. Participants who are interested in collaborating are welcome to join the collective

UAL staff, students & alumni representing the Digital Maker Collective & University of the Arts London are:

  • Chris Follows - Event lead/organiser (Digital Learning manager at UAL, Camberwell, Chelsea & Wimbledon, CCW)
  • Daniel Bandfield (Chelsea FA student) & Rosie Munro Kerr (Wimbledon Alumni & Alumni in Residence ) - demonstrating how otherwise individual art practices can interact with each other using the "Internet of Things". Expect environment-mapping robots and interactive virtual worlds.
  • Jennet Thomas (Artist &  BA Wimbledon Fine Art: Print & Time-Based Media Senior Lecturer) & Alejandro Escobar (Camberwell MA Arts Digital student) - We will reveal the processes behind the experimental video work 'Animal Condensed>Animal Expanded #1' which makes creative uses of the glitches in the process of making a full body 3D scan of a strangely costumed performer. Using more DIY methods- 200 hand held still photographs-(Photogrammetry)  taken around a costumed performer (will be wearing one of the costumes on the day maybe), it produced some curious technical results that further inspired the ideas in the video work – a poetic exploration of a kind of  biotechnoviolation.
  • Joey Phinn (Camberwell staff & Chelsea Alumni) - & Saskia Little (Chelsea Alumni) A glimpse into the mythologies and practices behind Freyron Collective and how its themes tie into larger conceptual frameworks and contemporary artistic practices of today. Includes a small 3D printed model of the studio with arduino interaction, LEDs and a prerecorded Freyron broadcast. Also with a laptop demonstration of part of our website (WIP) and various 2D imagery/paper representations of our blueprints, writings, etc
  • Grzesiek Sedek (Artist/programmer & Technical Specialist Staff Wimbledon) - will be sharing his research into bio feedback device to measure galvanic skin responses.
  • Gemma La Rocca (Chelsea Interior Spatial Design Alumni) - Virtual reality (more details to follow, but we will be also using/exploring the HTC vive & tiltbrush).
  • Charlotte Webb (PhD students at Chelsea & staff at the L&T Exchange)- Artist, researcher, writer. Doing PhD on the web & artistic agency
  • Nicola Rae - (Artist & academic Support at Camberwell, Chelsea & Wimbledon) Using arduino & interaction in arts practice